Not So Mellow Yellow.

yellow1All it takes is a little bit of paint and a whole lot of time. Now, I know most of us can get the paint, but the latter is a hard thing to accomplish. As a teenager my father use to always tell me a story about a guy he knew who built a hot rod in one year by spending 15 minutes a day working on the project. I think if we are determined enough and make time for our goals  even just 15 minutes a day, we might accomplish great things. Now, I’m not saying I have accomplished anything, but I personally am proud of how this particular project is going.

60% of the way thereLet’s keep in mind what I started with.

photo 3

Now for the side by side.

gray1It took a little bit of time and to tell you the truth some redo work is in store. Lets start with the necklace holder. I sprayed clear coat over the yellow paint, the paint did not take the clear coat very well.

photo 1Wrinkles is what I got.

Next I had to redo some hardware.

photo 2That may need to be touched up again.

I highly recommend not repainting hardware, but in this case i need to, so that I can get the desired look my significant other is looking for. I used blue painters tape to mask the box and door to create a two-tone effect with the interior. Now this particular box has curviture on the window openings and is not an easy thing to accomplish, but trust yourself and take your time. Each window took me 15 minutes, and the box itself took only 20 minutes. Painting really only takes about 10 minutes each coat.

photo 1

photo 5

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2As a part of the process I also have to remove old felt front the box. I accidently broke the back mirror. I was upset, but you know what?… It jst means I need to be a little more careful and now I have a new piece to add for that just right effect. Here are a few more in process photos. Let’s get ready for re-felting. I am so excited I can’t contain myself.

photo 4photo 5photo 1 photo 2


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