So, this is just a small side track, I promise.

Jewelry Box CollageIt’s been the holidays and I have not been able to really devote any time to working on my dinning set, but I have got a small side project that may interest you. See, my significant other has a birthday right after New Years, so I thought it would be cool to provide her with a renewed jewelry box. I found the jewelry box at a little thrift store in Pacomia. The box cost me $4.99. I decided to sand it and throw some paint on it. This box will require some new felt and a new ring holder. Here’s a creative look at what some folks have been re-purposing for ring holders.

I like this one, but my other half would seriously disagree with it in her new bling bling box. I’m thinking something more like this set in the center.



So the idea is very simple. Sand, primer, paint, refelt, reassemble, and glue ring holder. I’m using simple primer and a 2 tone interior to exterior effect. Something like this.

My better half is partial to the following combination of colors.

photo 2I think I can make it work.

Here is the process in photos from start to primer:

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 3 photo 3 photo 1

Next few days I will be painting and masking for the 2 tone interior effect. Gray exterior, Yellow interior. and the painting the hardware.



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