Fill, sand, paint. No, sand, sand, fill, sand, paint. No, wait, sand, sand, sand, fill, sand, clean, and primer, (no paint). Process, process, this is a process. Forgive me if I sound redundant, but there is a reason most people buy furniture, rather than do it themselves, it’s a time consuming process and it requires a lot of steps. Today I filled cracks, sanded wood filler and primered the first chair. Like the classic character Tom Sawyer, I was using a white wash as a primer.

Prior to covering my beautifully sanded product with primer, I decided that there were just some cracks that I could not ignore and I really don’t feel like fabricating replacement components. I used an industrial wood filler. I am not a fan of this stuff, it drys way to quickly and I don’t think it will be as strong as 3M Bondo products.

Wood filler.

Wood filler.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 5

After sanding off the wood filler I chose to wipe the entire chair down with a rag and light coat of mineral spirits to remove all the dirt and dust left on the chair. This is just small trick to get a nice bond and even coat of paint on the chair. The reality is you don’t need a whole lot of paint, the primer drys fast and you need to be quick. I didn’t use a spray gun for primer. In the future I probably will but, you start off with what you got, and I don’t have a spray gun. Work smart and work fast. In a world where instant gratification is expected most wood products manufacturers have created products that work instantly. This can be an issue if your not familiar with this type of work, because once that paints on your piece, its on and not coming off. Now, you can use water based products that are less harmful in regards to environmental impact, but solvent based products are far superior in the final outcome. Water-based products allow you to remove imperfections easier, solvents take a little more finesse.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

Newly primered chair versus the stained chair with satin finish

Newly primered chair versus the stained chair with satin finish

photo 5

Now it’s time to consider paint. I want a vibrant color. I am looking for something similar to a 2 tone Dutch Delft look. Here is an example.

I found these samples at my local ACE Hardware I would like to find out your opinion on what you think looks best for a base color. I am very tempted to create a dipped look with the final product. Here’s an example.


I also enjoyed this video that explains dipped style furniture. A good project for those looking to spruce up some old stools. This video is courtesy of Sage & Cinnamon Interiors.


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